Your Customers Love To Text. We Help You Love it Too!

Stop putting customers on hold or into your voicemail. Our secure platform allows you to capture leads and grow your business by communicating with them using text messaging from any device.

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Simplify Communication

We built VimChat to bring team and customer communication together in one place where it can be organized and searchable.

Customers don’t have to download an app; they can simply send you a text message. Your team can chat internally and easily manage client communications from any device.

Compliance is a Ticking Time Bomb

Your employees are already texting your clients. Did you know that new regulations are targeting mobile text messaging for business use?

Companies must be prepared to deal with text messages on employee mobile devices, or suffer the consequences.
Gareth Evans, Litigation Partner at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP
Compliance Solution

Safeguard Your Privacy

Privacy concerns are on the rise.

VimChat allows businesspeople to keep their personal phone numbers private while texting with clients, without the hassle of adding a second mobile phone.

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Control Employee Communication

Did you know over 70 percent of employees are already texting with customers?

When they text customers using personal devices, you lose control of your business. Don’t let employees leave your company and take leads and customers with them.

VimChat allows you to control and manage all employee and customer texting. Now when an employee leaves your company, the customers and the data stay with you.

Our Clients Love VimChat

VimChat changed the way we communicate and increased our revenue almost instantly. This will change the way businesses communicate with customers.
Kimberly Jackson, CEO of Jax Vineyards
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