About Us

VimChat provides a straightforward way for customers and businesses to chat and text using their mobile phones. Here at VimChat we have a passion for improving the customer experience by reinventing business communication and simplifying customer engagement. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, our inspiration comes from being surrounded by tech innovators, industry leaders, and those who thrive in the creative landscape.

Our inspiration and drive is focused on providing businesses with a solution that works. Regardless your industry, fantastic customer service revolves around one common theme: Answering customer questions and getting problems solved. Long hold times and tedious email threads leave customers feeling disconnected and dissatisfied. VimChat provides you – the tech-savvy business – with a sharp looking portal to connect with the new generation of customers using text messaging, a method they know and love. Want to know more about us? Meet the team and send us a quick text!

Our Team

  • Our Tech Team -

    Our Tech Team

    From left to right we have Yernar, Madiyar, Gapur, Aruan, Akzhan, and Konstantin. Located in Astana, Kazakstan, our talented tech team works tirelessly to improve and enhance the VimChat platform. Fluent in multiple languages – not just code – these guys know how to have fun, which makes this team a phenomenal asset to the organization.