Why Using a Text Messaging Service for Business is a Growing Trend

Are you using a text messaging service for business? If not, you’re losing revenue. Get the facts on why so many businesses are turning to text to reach their customers.

Have you been considering a text messaging service for business correspondence? Let us be blunt: if you’re not texting, you’re losing money. In today’s digital culture where information is at our fingertips and purchases are made at the tap of a button, customers expect us to be quick.

  • Quick to respond.
  • Quick to deliver.
  • Quick to the point.

Every decision is rooted in efficiency and convenience. In 2014, the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) reported that “79% of companies believe customers want SMS/text support.” That was four years ago.

Today? It’s practically expected. Over the years, people have shifted their preferred method of communication to the instantaneous nature of text. It’s quick, it’s easy, and you don’t waste time waiting for a voice on the other line to pick up.

But we get it. It’s not the way you’ve always done business. Change is and always has been intimidating, but that doesn’t mean you should shy away from it. For those who are still skeptical as to whether “business texting” is really something your customers would want, take a glance at these statistics:

  • 80% of individuals currently use texting in their daily business operations (eWeek)
  • 52% of consumers report that they would prefer to text with customer service representatives rather than utilize the current form of communication (eWeek)
  • Millennials prefer texting over Interactive Voice Response, or IVR, solutions (Frost & Sullivan)
  • 75% of people would like to have offers sent to them via text message (Digital Marketing Magazine)
  • 65% of marketers utilizing text messaging report it to be “very effective” (ExactTarget)
  • 72% of business professionals prefer text messaging over the use of messaging apps (eWeek)

As technology makes personal communication more efficient, consumers start to desire the same convenience in the workplace. Phone lines and call centers are no longer cutting it. Mobile advertising analytics firm, Marchex, reports that Americans spend upwards of 900 million hours waiting on the other line for service or information they need.

Stop putting your customers, and your sales, on hold. Here are several reasons why it’s time you opt into a text messaging service for your business.

A Business Texting Service Cuts Back on Wasted Hours

How many times have you dreaded calling customer service? How many hours have you wasted sitting on hold? Your customers have likely wondered the same thing as they leave questions in your voicemail or email inbox that you could answer in a matter of seconds.

Many customers will hang up before they wait for someone to help them, and that’s understandable. There are only a finite number of hours within each day. In a culture now deeply rooted in instant gratification, picking up the phone and tracking people down feels like wasted time—and it is!

Market Watch reports that the average American spends 43 days of their life on hold. That’s 10 to 20 minutes of your week that you could spend closing deals, catching up on emails, or just enjoying a bit of extra time sipping on that venti latte you picked up this morning.


Quicker Responses Lead to More Conversions

Customers aren’t known for their patience. Approximately 35 to 50 percent of potential clients are looking for the solution that responds first. If you’re in a meeting when a prospective client reaches out for information or a quote, a simple text response can be the difference between a missed opportunity and your next big account.


Businesses that Text Get a Higher Response Rate

Is your business still using email, newsletters, and calls to generate new business? While these methods haven’t faded into obscurity, they aren’t the most effective on the market today.


Why Phone Calls and Cold Calls Aren’t Working

We already covered the challenges of sending your existing customers to voicemail or putting them on hold, but what about cold calls? This old, familiar sales tactic comes with a negative connotation.

When you start reaching out to other businesses or individuals with an unsolicited sales pitch, you tend to encounter more ire than enthusiasm. It’s disruptive. Your customers don’t have time to listen to a lengthy sales pitch when they have profitable tasks to attend.


The Downside to Email

Remember when email used to be the quickest way to contact someone? Not anymore. While email is still a highly useful and highly relevant business tool utilized by almost every company on today’s market, its popularity has slowed it down.

Email inboxes have become inundated with spam, inquiries, newsletters, and other marketing tactics. Think about how many times an important email has gotten lost between the clutter in your inbox.

Beyond that, how many times have you ignored your inbox in order to focus on a task, a meeting with a client, or a presentation?

While emails have become more accessible through mobile apps and smart devices, it no longer carries the same sense of urgency as it used to, with studies showing that the average response to an email can range from 6 hours to two days.

That’s not quick enough for today’s consumer.

The Instantaneous Text

With business texting, you have an instant connection with your customers, both prospective and existing.

Does a client need to place a rush order? A single text can confirm your ability to fulfill it.

Does a home buyer wants to see a new listing this afternoon? Simply text them back with an open time slot.

What about the new promotion you just launched for your product or service? Send out a mass text to all of your customers. You’d be surprised how much higher your conversion rate is compared to a newsletter campaign!

The simplicity of texting and its instantaneous nature make it extremely effective. It is estimated that 95% of texts are read within the first few minutes of being received. What’s more, eWeek reports that over a third of business professionals can’t go 10 minutes without responding to a text.

The casual nature and ease of this simplistic form of communication makes keeping in touch and providing answers simple and painless. Best of all, you can utilize business texting services without giving out your personal phone number or making your clients download a special app.


Vimchat: The Professional Solution to Connecting Businesses and Clients

Vimchat makes business texting simple and straightforward while keeping your personal contact information out of the hands of your customers. Take a look at how it works. Our intuitive interface allows you to communicate seamlessly with clients, create an automated welcome response, and even set an away message for when you’re unable to respond immediately.

Want to learn more? Text us!

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