Get Your Communication
In Shape

Oftentimes, the decision to join a gym or studio is personal and emotional. Texting allows for one-on-one communication to help them choose a plan. Send your gym schedules and events with ease! Engage with your client base in an easy and reliable way.

Voices from the industry

Protect Employee Privacy

Want to separate your personal phone number from business transactions? Use VimChat’s text solutions to keep all business communications in one place, allowing for you and your team’s personal communication to stay personal.


Control Employee Communication

Did you know over 70 percent of employees are already texting with customers? When they text customers using personal devices, you lose control of your business. First, your business is out of compliance and at legal risk. Second, when the employee leaves your company they take those leads and customers with them. Stop the leakage and put your company back in charge. VimChat allows you to control and manage all employee and customer texting. Now when an employee leaves your company, the customers and the data stay with you. You control the communication channel so when the customer texts you again, they reach your company and not your old employee.

Why VimChat?

  • Picture texting: Send pictures of the gym or workouts ideas with ease using our secure network.
  • Team communication: Communicate with your team members using the internal team channel.
  • Auto-messaging: Send an out-of-office message when you or your team are away.
  • Auto-lead capture: Receive a text from a lead and automatically capture that lead.
  • Broadcast new offerings to all your clients: Send discounts and coupon information to your clients with the tap of a button.