Getting Started

Sign up - its free and easy!

  • Download the app or sign up online and follow the simple instructions.
  • Pick a unique @TextHandle that relates to your brand. Text handles are just like domain names. Customers simply text 77888 and add your Text handle to the message to start texting with you.
  • Now just start texting with customers and collecting leads.
  • Check out our marketing section for tips on how to maximize lead generation and customer communication.

Download VimChat App:


Add team members

Add team members to collaborate. Our team chat makes internal communication a breeze! Set up separate handles to chat just with co-workers or add team members to the customer text handle to chat with customers and prospects.


Set Your Auto Responds


Set your welcome message

Time to customize! Set your welcome message. This is what clients receive when they first text you. Click the three dot menu on the top right and create an engaging welcome message.

I'm away

Set your away message

Is your team out of the office having fun? Don’t leave your clients hanging: set your away message and turn your team off. This lets your clients know you are away when they text you.

Start Texting

Start new conversations and receive messages from clients on the device of your choice!


How does this work for my customer?

  • Remember: Customers don’t need to download an app to start messaging you. They just use their regular texting platform.
  • Customers can text your @TextHandle to the number 77888. (Don’t worry if they forget the “@” symbol, it’s not required)
  • The customer then receives a text from 77888 notifying them of a new secure text from your business.  The customer receives a second text from a secure phone number with your customized welcome message. This phone number is “spoof-proof” and can be saved by the customer.

Why we use the shortcode 77888?

  • No landline or phone required!
  • Start texting in under 30 seconds.
  • Our short code is easy to remember vs customers using a regular ten-digit phone number.
  • It’s easier to type on smaller devices than it is to dial a ten-digit phone number.
  • It is easier for customers to find you.
  • Text handles help you brand yourself or your business.
  • Easy to set up and create multiple text handles for multiple marketing campaigns.
  • Track leads with multiple text handle campaigns!