Develop Direct Guest Relations

Eliminate Intermediaries. When you text with your guests, you create a direct channel of communication for long term relationships. Inquiries received and serviced by text allows hotels to provide a new generation of hospitality. Guests prefer to re-book by text. Broadcast special deals and promotions directly to your customer’s phone for easy booking options.

Voices from the industry

Provide Better Guest Services

When your guest's call in with questions don’t put them on hold and let them disappear. Capture the lead and answer questions easily right from the desktop. Resolve guest’s frustrations booking reservations, spa treatments, asking for an extra towel or calling valet parking.


Guests Just Want to Text

Use VimChat to empower your entire team to communicate with each other and text with guests. Emails have an open rate of less than 20%, while text messages have an open rate of 98%.

Why VimChat?

  • Auto-messaging: Help guests feel at home by sending welcoming messages!
  • Keep track of client requests: Do your guests require fresh towels? Early check in/out? Now you can communicate with your guests with ease, and your team members can all be involved as well.
  • Privacy: Keep your personal numbers out of reach, use text handles to communicate with your team and with guests. Create a memorable text handle specific to the hotel/accommodations.
  • Team communication: Communicate with your team members using our internal team channel. Now everyone will know exactly what the guests are requesting with frequency. Increasing your customer service index!
  • Picture texting: Send pictures of rooms and facilities with ease using our secure network.