Use Text to Reach a New Generation of Customers

The world is changing rapidly and an entire new generation of customers need to be insured. Millennials don’t call and leave voicemails or send emails. They require an instant response. VimChat allows you and your agents to develop leads, engage prospects and customers in a fully Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) compliant texting platform. It’s time to get ahead of the curve and communicate with customers using text.

Voices from the industry

Don’t Lose Your Privacy

Want to separate your personal phone number from business transactions? Use VimChat’s text solutions to keep all business communications in one place, allowing for you and your team’s personal communication to stay personal.


Don’t Risk Being Non-Compliant

VimChat’s patent pending solution stores all team and client communications in the cloud. Your business is compliant the minute you start communicating on the platform. It’s that easy.

Why VimChat?

  • Picture texting: Send pictures of IDs or quotes with ease using our secure network.
  • Team communication: Communicate with your team members using the internal team channel.
  • Auto-messaging: Send an out-of-office message when you or your team are away.
  • Auto-lead capture: Receive a text from a lead and automatically capture that lead.
  • Broadcast new offerings to all your clients: Send discounts and coupon information to your clients with the tap of a button.