Marketing Tips

Stop Wasting Marketing Dollars

We live in a world where information travels fast, and instant gratification is a priority. Asking prospective customers to fill out an online form on your website, or to leave a message with your receptionist is a thing of the past. 2 out of 3 customers hang up before they even reach voicemail...

Don’t miss out on these opportunities. Using text messaging satisfies your prospects’ hunger for quick answers. When a prospect texts you, VimChat automatically captures the lead and stores it for future marketing purposes.

Use the text handles creatively! Create multiple handles to track your marketing efforts.

Start marketing your text handle, and watch the leads roll in!

Website Button

Get the text us button for your website's mobile version. This way your prospects and clients can get in touch with you faster.

Add Website Button

Social Media

Put your text handle on signs, marketing materials and your email signature page. Increase your online presence and visibility with social media integration.

Short on time?

Our team can help you market your text handle. Pay a one time fee of $99 and get started right away!

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