Real Estate

Stop Losing Leads

You’re spending thousands of dollars a year marketing your brand and your listings but you don’t capture most of those leads. When prospects go to your website or Zillow, you have no idea who they are. VimChat empowers you and your entire team to use text to market your own brand and your listings and instantly capture the lead.

Voices from the industry

Prospects Just Want to Text

Use VimChat to empower your entire team to communicate with each other and text with prospects! This helps you close more deals with less work. Email campaigns have an open rate of less than 20%, while text messages have an open rate of 98%.


Don’t Risk Non-Compliance

VimChat patent pending solution stores all team and client communications in the cloud. Your business is compliant the minute you start communicating on the platform. It’s that easy!


Don’t Lose Your Privacy

Wanting to separate your personal phone number from business transactions? Use VimChat’s text handle to keep all business communications in one place, allowing for your personal communication to stay personal.

Why VimChat?

  • Picture texting: Send pictures of properties to your current buyers in real time. Keep track of what you're sending and to whom.
  • Team communication: Communicate with your team members using the internal team channel. Stay in the loop regarding home inspections and vendor's schedules.
  • Auto-messaging: Send an out-of-office message when you or your team are away, or respond from anywhere in the world.
  • Text Us website button: Make it easy for your prospects and customers to reach you using VimChat’s single-click button.
  • Broadcast: Price change on a listing? Send a message to all those who are interested. Send property images, listing presentations, and much more with the tap of a button.